BBB #6: The Most Important Question Entrepreneurs Should Ask Themselves

do you really know what you want?

"There had to be another way."

This was what I kept telling myself during a time when my business was a mess.

People are leaving,

some clients were disengaging,

our bottomline is at the red,

we have about a month’s worth of cash flow…

…and I was fucking burning out. Ugh.

It came to a point that I asked myself,

Is this really the life I want?

Is this really why I went into business?

As entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves lost in a whirlwind of ambitions, desires, and what we think we want.

The image of higher sales, a growing team, and the allure of a 4-hour workweek can paint an addicting picture in our minds. It's a vision that drives us forward, pushing us to achieve greater heights.

But what if I told you that our true desires might be disguised by our dreams and ambitions?

An illusion

Let's admit it: we've all daydreamed about exponential growth, massive profit margins, and the glory that seems to accompany business success. The idea of expanding our office space, bringing more people on board, and reducing our work hours to a mere fraction can be super enticing.

After all, who wouldn't want these things?

True entrepreneurial fulfillment

However, as we walk further into entrepreneurship, we often encounter a crossroads where the glittering facade starts to fade.

What if there is something more meaningful that we are yearning for? What if our true entrepreneurial desires are not solely centered around the external packagings of success?

The most important question

That is when I started to ask:


If I dream of increased sales and profits, I ask myself: If I get increased sales and profits, SO WHAT?

If I dream of a growing team and bigger office space, I ask myself: If I get a growing team and bigger office space, SO WHAT?

If I dream of having a 4-hour workweek, I ask myself: If I get a 4-hour workweek, SO WHAT?

Asking this important question has made the BIGGEST difference in my life and business.

That was when things started to become better. I became a better entrepreneur. I resolved to build a better business.

What we truly desire

Beyond the initial allure, a deeper desire emerged — one that resonates with the importance of what it means to be a successful entrepreneur. While the dreams of soaring sales and shorter workweeks remain important, they're overshadowed by desires that run deeper:

A thriving, sustainable business

Beyond just sales figures, we desire for a business that not only generates revenue but also remains profitable in the long run.

When I realized this, growth means so much deeper as targets are not merely about sales.

A foundation built on sound financial principles ensures stability and resilience even in the face of an uncertain future.

The right people in the right seats

A dream team isn't just about size; it's about assembling a group of individuals who are aligned with the company's vision, each filling a role that maximizes their strengths.

I realized that as we grow and a culture is being practiced, having the right people in their right roles can actually 5x or 10x your business.

A well-coordinated team drives efficiency, innovation, and overall success.

Living life on our terms

Ultimately, we aspire for a business that's not only successful but also allows us to live life on our own terms.

The hours we invest should be meaningful and productive, leading to a fulfilling life that extends beyond the confines of a traditional work schedule.

Importance of self-reflection

Entrepreneurship is a complex journey so we must regularly reflect on our motivations and aspirations.

While our initial desires provide the spark that ignites our drive, embracing our deeper longings can guide us toward a more profound and authentic form of success.

I have personal testament that it is crucial to strike a balance between ambitious growth and the realization of our genuine desires.

While it's perfectly normal to desire bigger sales, a capable team, and a flexible work schedule, by peeling back the layers and exploring our true desires — a thriving and stable business, a harmonious team, and a life lived on our terms — we can embark on a path that leads to not only success but also fulfillment.

So, fellow entrepreneurs, let's continue to chase our dreams, but let's also remember to embrace the desires that resonate at a deeper level. After all, it's not just about the destination; it's about the journey we craft along the way.

So you want to build a business. So what? 😉


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