3 tips to building a money system that works for you (biz + personal)

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Hi, Kathy here!

Ever wanted to have a money system that works not just for your business but also for your personal finances?

Well then let’s cut to the chase, here are 3 quick tips you can implement right now.

Tip #1: If you have a business, pay yourself first

Most business owners fail to this right at the first time.

They think that if you own the business, you have to eat last.

However, if you want your business to survive, then you have to think of your personal survival first.

No matter how big or small your income from business now, start by allocating even 5 to 10% of it as your salary to start.

Promise me you’ll do this, will you?

Tip #2: Separate your business from yourself

I get it, we entrepreneurs can get super obsessed with our businesses.

But, this passion won’t be as good when it comes to handling our money.

Business is business. Personal must be personal.

The sooner you can get to understand and do this, the easier you’ll find growing and scaling your business in the future.

Starting today, identify your income and spending transactions and try your best to determine what is business and what is personal. A simple list will do.

You’ll get so much awareness just by doing this tip! (you can thank me later)

Tip #3: Give your money their job description

Not all business owners realize this, but your cash flow is actually a wealth tool.

Just like how we can leverage time, tech and talent, we can also leverage money.

Give your money a role to play. Even before you receive an income, identify firsthand what that money will be used for. In the finance world, this is what we call a budget.

Now, to avoid boring you with jargon, what you can do today to start fast is to use these job descriptions (JD) I use for my own money systems. Allocate % to each JD. Make sure it totals 100%.


  1. My salary

  2. My team’s salary

  3. Operating expenses

  4. Taxes

  5. Profit


  1. Needs

  2. Wants

  3. Savings

  4. Investments

  5. Giving / Freedom

That’s it!

Easy peasy.

Here is a summary of 3 things you can implement today:

  1. start allocating 5 to 10% of your business income as your salary

  2. determine what are your business and personal transactions

  3. allocate a JD and % to your money

Use it and tell me how it works for you, okay?

To building better businesses,


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